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Andrea Lewis- More than just a “Black Actress”

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Andrea Lewis is back with the second season of her YouTube web series, “Black Actress.” The actress, writer and singer describes the concept of the series, as well as the positive feedback received from the public.

Andrea created the idea for the web series over six years ago while she was shooting a film. “My cast mate was introducing everyone to his manager and when he got to me he said, “this is Andrea, the urban one.”

She went on to say that “I was the only one who got the extra “ethnicity intro”, and it was a very awkward moment, but it made me realize that he saw me the same way the script did and it was just as “the black girl”.

It was this moment that Andrea knew she had to change the way others viewed her.

Andrea dedicates her time and effort into producing amazing content, emphasizing the amount of time it takes to create the web series. “It takes a lot of time to write, produce and shoot one episode, it’s hard for me to give a number or the the time I completed the first season I started working on the second and it has been a full year and we’re still not finished.”

Having a supportive fan base on her YouTube channel helped Andrea remain consistent in producing inspirational content for “Black Actress.” “The audience feedback has been great! Our fans really enjoy the show and we’re gaining new ones who are going back and watching the first season so they can be caught up.”

Andrea’s hard work has paid off immensely because fans love the show! “The most common response I get to the show is “OMG, this is my life!”, Andrea stated.

With the success of the first season, Andrea is planning on producing at least five seasons of the show and has created a Kickstarter campaign proposing more diversity with future content.

Overall, Andrea wants her viewers to be motivated and know that they are not alone. “I want them to have a laugh at the crazy world of acting and I want them to see themselves if they are pursuing an unconventional career. I’m sure for them it’s difficult but I fill the show with bits of inspiration to help them on their journey and to remind them to be self-aware, get out of your own way and keep going!”

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On expanding the series to television…

I’d love to see “Black Actress” on television. I think the show is relatable to large groups of people, not just black actresses, and I believe it would do very well on TV.

On reaching out to guest actresses…

It’s a mix of them reaching out to me and me extending the opportunity to them. Because of the show’s success people want to be part of it. That’s great and I’m very appreciative of that.

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