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Ari Lennox's World

Ari Lennox, the soulful singer from Washington, D.C., is making her mark in the music industry! The 23-year-old recently spoke with me to describe her style, as well as new EP “Ariography.”

Itsawritestyle: Where did the name Ari Lennox originate?

Ari Lennox: Ari Lennox stems from the character “Mary Lenox” in The Secret Garden. Ari is my organized alter ego.

Itsawritestyle: How would you describe your sound?

AL: Alternative Soul

Itsawritestyle: How did you go about finding your unique sound and style of music?

AL: Pretty beats have simply led me to this point.

Itsawritestyle: How long after YouTube videos did people start to notice your sound?

AL: Immediately people recognized it was soulfully different, even weird.

Itsawritestyle: What do you think sets you apart from other artists?

AL: Beautiful beats, breathtaking relationships and random heart breaks inspire my best songs.

Itsawritestyle: I first heard your music through your EP “Five Finger Discount.” With your newest EP, describe the growth between the two.

AL: Both projects are my babies, the second kid (Ariography) was a little more well-behaved, sweet and genius. The first kid (FFD) is genius but had a serious case of ADHD. I love both kids equally, but I was a more experienced parent second time around lol.

Itsawritestyle: Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

AL: Phil Collins and Herbie Hancock.

Itsawritestyle: Your hair is beautiful! What do you do to maintain it?

AL: Thank you. Coconut oil, castor oil, constant moisture, washing it weekly, and braiding it before bed. My simple routine.

Itsawritestyle: Three words to describe you.

AL: Fun, sexy, eclectic.

Itsawritestyle: Where do you see your career in five years?

AL: Nurtured, free, happy and prosperous.

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