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Britney Felton's Delightful Creations

Move over Cake Boss, there’s a new boss in the baking business, and her name is Britney Felton! This junior Entrepreneurship major reveals her discovery of her talents in baking, as well as her plan on creating her own bakery business.

Felton discovered her creative talents in her kitchen in her hometown of Washington, D.C. “I always used to bake with my mom, and she would buy me things to make in my easy bake oven, so I’ve always been baking.”

She also began to help the cook at her grandmother’s nursery. There, she would help the cooks prepare the food for the students and afterwards, bake the staff cakes and brownies.

Although Felton received positive feedback from her baking, it was not until she created her sister’s 21st birthday cake that she realized her potential to turn baking into a career.

Felton’s decision to create a cake for her sister stemmed from love, as well as thriftiness. “She wanted a Juicy Couture cake, which costs $500, and I’m not going to pay that much on a cake, so I decided to make it myself”, said Felton.

Felton had her share of doubters when completing this cake. “Nobody believed in me when I told them I was going to make this cake”, Felton said. “That gave me so much motivation.”

The cake was made from scratch, as Felton does not have any formal training and is teaching herself. Felton’s sister loved the cake, and as shedescribed the moment, “she thought it was from a bakery.” This gave her the drive to begin her new journey.

Taking the first step in this journey, Felton changed her major from Biology to Entrepreneurship. “I realized I did not want to do that [Biology] for the rest of my life.” With this change now behind her, Felton began to offer her baking skills to campus organizations.

Having baked sweet treats, such as cupcakes and brownies for Her Campus Temple’s very own event, “HCTU Café Night: A Celebration of Women”, on March 28th, Felton received positive reviews on her delicious creations. “This helped me get my name out there on campus”, Felton said.

Another way that Felton plans to promote herself on Temple’s campus is through word of mouth from those who can attest to her amazing baking skills. “Eventually I would like to own my bakery, and expand my franchise all over the country”, Felton said.

But, with any goal, one has to work hard at it, and Felton has had her share of obstacles. “I would say that my biggest

obstacle is myself” Felton said. “I’m not taking enough initiative to get my name out to the public.” Felton is still learning the basics of entrepreneurship, and plans on utilizing all the information gained from her classes when starting her business. She will continue to bake and offer her services to other organizations on campus.

She will also continue when she knows that her results grant people happiness. “I love to make beautiful things and

be creative .”, Felton said. “When I see a person’s face light up, that is what makes everything worth it to me.”

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