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Check out this week's Campus Fashion Trendsetter, Artie Bullock!

Bullock, a junior Health Information Management major, went through many changes to develop his style. In an interview with Her Campus Temple, he reveals how it all started.

When Bullock was 14, he went through a time trying to define his style. “I was in the middle of trying to figure out not who I wanted to be, but how I wanted to look,” he said.

At the time, Bullock had braids in his hair and wore glasses. But this look changed when Bullock “wanted to change everything up.”

So Bullock cut off all his braids, started wearing contacts, and began shopping at different stores like Urban Outfitters, Diesel, and The Gap.

It was through this transformation that Bullock started to find his own style.

When asked what makes him want to buy an article of clothing, Bullock said, “as soon as I look at a piece of clothing, I can tell if I’m going to want it or not.” When Bullock sees something that he likes, he pictures in his mind what he could wear it with and adjusts it to his liking.

Bullock was voted “most trendy” in high school and has carried this title with him throughout his college years as well.

At times he follows fashion trends, and other times he does not. His sense of style is not the same as his friends. He feels that at times he follows his own fashion trends.

Bullock enjoys shopping at fashionable stores such as Urban Outfitters, Diesel, H&M, Zara, Lucky Brand, and Kenneth Brand.

Fall is Bullock’s favorite season, since he can layer his clothes and still remain trendy. He likes the idea of layering different items, such as a button-up shirts and sweaters, as well as hoodies and vests.

In his free time, Bullock likes “to be with [his] friends and family, go to the movies, and shop.” His family often has “family game nights” and Bullock enjoys being part of them.

The advice that Bullock would give to anyone who wants to set themselves apart in fashion is to take risks with clothing. “It’s good to step out of your comfort zone, and try shopping at different stores,” he said. Bullock also suggests searching in magazines for inspiration.

Above all, Bullock wants people who want to be successful in developing their style to try new things. It worked out well for him, and it can work for others too!

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