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The One and Only DJ Taaj

From an early age, music has been an important part of Saleem Sabree’s life. Sabree, also known as “Dj Taaj”, is a junior Broadcast Journalism major from Boston, Massachusetts and credits his family for introducing him to the world of music.

Sabree said “my family definitely influenced me”. His grandfather was a musician from Barbados and Sabree grew up listening to music such as reggae and dance hall. His parents also started him off playing the bass guitar when he was in middle school, and this established his sense of rhythm. Sabree’s early life of music has led him to appreciate everything associated with it. He said “I have always had an ear for music”, and this appreciation for music has guided him to where he is now.

When Sabree came to Temple University in freshman year, he discovered a love for DJing. He went to a party one night, and he did not enjoy the atmosphere. He noticed that everyone was standing around and no one was enjoying themselves. It was at that moment that Sabree decided that he could throw parties where others could enjoy themselves, and soon he became known on campus as “Dj Taaj”.

Sabree bought his first set of DJ equipment during winter break of his freshman year, and he has gotten his money’s worth out of his investment. When Sabree started DJing, he called it a “team effort”. He would collaborate with up to seven guys and DJ over the weekends. But the DJing soon came down to just Sabree when the other guys had other obligations to tend to. Even though Sabree dj’s by himself, he still collaborates with other dj’s and maintains positive connections with them.

Music has been prevalent in Sabree’s life. He would always listen to artists such as Miles Davis, as well as jazz and blues music. Sabree said “jazz really got me into loving music and hip-hop took it those extra steps.”

Sabree finds enjoyment in watching others have fun at parties. When it comes to DJing, he said that is has become his part-time job, devoting most of his time to it.

Sabree is an active member and radio host of WHIP, Temple’s student-run radio show. His show called Power Hour Music and runs Monday through Thursday on The show also showcases local artists and their talents.

Aside from DJing, Sabree is going to be an assistant coach for a local Philadelphia high school, since he wrestled in his high school years and Temple does not offer any outlets for it. Sabree said, “It’s good to give back and help inner-city Philadelphia youth”. He also is involved as a member in the National Association for Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

On being active on campus, Sabree said “I would like to be more active on campus.” He feels that there is so much diversity on campus, that groups should collaborate to join different groups of people in one setting. Sabree said that he is planning to join the organization of Students for Justice in Palestine. He was a dj for this organization in the past and said “it was one of the best events I have ever been in.”

Sabree believes there are a variety of organizations that benefit others. He feels that “it is important for Temple students to start reaching out more”, and music is a great way to do that because it connects everyone together.

Sabree reveals that “music changed for me after I became a dj”. He felt that there was a different dynamic to his connection with music, with his statement of “I went from someone who was just enjoying being in the crowd to being somebody who wants to make the crowd enjoy themselves.”

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