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Innovative Student- Ugochukwu Obilo

Some students simply go with the ebb and flow of college without leaving a mark on their community. Temple University senior accounting majorUgochukwu Obilo, better known as Ugo sets about his Temple career with a sense of purpose.

“You get the best college experience by being involved in a lot of things,” Ugo said. Following these words, he is a dedicated member of a variety of organizations, including the Black Law Student Association, the National Association of Black Accountants, as well as the Organization for African Students.

Leadership marks Obilo’s life. He is Vice President of Services in Temple Student Government, and has held many positions in the National Pan-Hellenic council fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha (Pi Rho Chapter), including president, treasurer, and communications chair. When asked what motivated him to join these groups, Ugo said, “I wanted to be part of something that was bigger than me. I don’t like sitting down, I don’t like being stagnant.”

Ugo makes student organizations a priority in his schedule. “There were times in my college career where I was not as involved as I am now,” He said. Keeping on top of all these responsibilities is not a problem, due to his drive for success. He has always wanted to excel in his schoolwork, as well as outside of the classroom. “It’s not what I want to gain, but what I want to give,”he said. Ugo’s motivation to succeed continues to inspire him to put his all into whatever he does. He concluded, he hopes to be remembered when he graduates for his contributions to the school. He shows the meaning of an innovative student, one who continues to strive for something better for themselves and others.

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