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Loving Yourself with Amber B.

Amber B. LOVES her natural hair. But, she didn’t always feel this way. As a child, she would beg her mom to perm her hair, due to other children teasing her. Instead of giving her child a perm, her mom gave Amber advice on how to love and take care of her hair. Now Amber is inspiring others to do the same.

What started as a simple YouTube hair tutorial has turned into a massive following requesting she share her secrets! The Milwaukee, WI native also discusses self-love, finding inspiration, and celebrating what makes her unique.

Itsawritestyle: What sparked your interest in natural hair?

Amber B.: Well, I’ve always been natural but I’d say what sparked my interest in “staying natural” would be the beautiful women I see on a daily basis embracing their crowns and displaying the versatility natural hair offers.

What is the one thing you love about having natural hair?

With my natural hair, I’ve inspired so many women of all nationalities. I thank my mother for not folding and giving me a perm. Instead, she taught me to take care of what I have and I thank her for that.

How did you get involved in promoting natural hair on social media?

A photo I posted of a perm rod set went viral and women from all different cities and states started requesting me to do other styles on my hair. Companies began to reach out to me; I began to fall in love with the natural hair community as well.

You encourage self-love on social media and share and accept your flaws with others. (I think you are just beautiful the way you are!) Why is it important for everyone to fully love themselves?

Thank you so much sweetheart! It’s important to love yourself because you’re the only one who has to deal with your emotional and physical appearance every day. I still struggle with loving myself everyday but I’m not ashamed of that. It makes me stronger too.

What are three things you love about yourself and why?

I love my personality! I’ve always been the “Happy Girl”, and I pride myself on that. It’s easy to keep away the negative energy that way. Next would have to be my hair. I learn something new about my hair almost every week. It’s exciting that way.

Lastly, would be my giving spirit. Whether I give advice, gifts, time or money…it all matters. I don’t like seeing the less fortunate struggle. We all become less fortunate at a point in our lives. It’s important to do good, so when we’re down, someone will be willing to give us just as much as we were willing to give them.

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration for me could be anything. A lot of my inspiration comes from others. There’s a lot of creative people in the world and we can learn from one another.

Do you have a daily routine to make sure your day starts off right?

Yes, praying! Prayer is extremely therapeutic for me. Straightening up my bed every morning is too. It’s odd I know, but it works for me.

What are some things everyone should do to their hair daily?

Detangle. The longer you leave your hair tangled and dry, the more breakage you’ll begin to experience.

Favorite beauty product?

My favorite beauty product is lip gloss! I can’t go a day without it, probably not even 20 minutes!

Do advertisers contact you to advertise their products on social media, or do you reach out to them to test their products?

Usually they reach out to me to review their products but on a few occasions, I’ve reached out to companies as well.

You learned to braid hair when you were eight and practiced on family members. Are they supportive of your creative career?

Yes! They’re very supportive. They’ve got to witness my growth in braiding over the years. It’s dope to see their reactions when they see how good I’ve gotten at braiding.

There are many posts on social media showcasing your hair braiding skills on your nieces. Do you teach them about self-love and accepting themselves? If so, what do you tell them?

I do try to teach them self-love. Sometimes they listen and sometimes they aren’t paying what I’m saying any mind!

How do you feel when people you don’t know complement not only your hair, but your positive messages on social media?

It feels amazing! I’m still in shock that people actually find me interesting, ha! It’s definitely a blessing. They make me smile and laugh everyday. They mean so much to me, words just wouldn’t suffice. There wouldn’t be an “Amber Belovely” if it weren’t for the constant love and support.

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