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Mystery Man

Stacy noticed him. Of course she noticed him. He had come to the same cafeteria, at the same time, and sitting at the same place. She did not know his name. She only knew from her co-workers that he worked across the street at the law firm and would often steal glances at her when he saw her.

Now Stacy was not the assertive type of woman. So she kept to herself and did not speak to this mysterious man when she saw him. Was he attractive to her? Yes, in a way. See, he reminded her of her ex-boyfriend, from the physical appearance down to the way he parted his hair. But, she longed for her ex and figured this man could not be exactly like him, right?

One beautiful summer day, Stacy decided to be bold and decided that she would flirt with the man. She took her usual seat in the cafeteria, and 30 minutes later, without delay, in walks the mystery man.


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