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Girls Like NiceThings Event Gives Back

Words by Alysia Lester

Holiday season is upon us and it important to give back. This is exactly what Philadelphia’s own, Chill Moody did with his Girls Like NiceThings event he hosted this past Sunday. This event was a carnival theme concert complete with caricature artists, an aerial dancer, games, and fun for all. A portion of the proceeds went to the local drill team, Iconik. The concert included performances by up and coming artists Brianna Cash, Mylah, GoGo Morrow, and headlined by Bridget Kelly. magazine got to talk to these talented artists and find out how they feel about giving back and the Girls Like NiceThings event.

215mag: How did you get involved in this event?

Brianna Cash: “Chill Moody found me on Instagram and asked me to be a part of this event.”

GoGo Morrow: “Chill called me and said he’s doing this show called girls like nice things, and wanted to know if I would be interested in performing. He said it’s a carnival theme, and I never performed at Union Transfer, so I was excited to perform at this venue in Philly.”

Mylah: “I work with a band out of Philly, even though I’m from Atlanta, and they recommended me.”

Bridget Kelly: “I was given a heads up about this event and a carnival theme sounds fun. The weather is getting cold, so now everyone wants to stay home and not do anything, so anything to bring people out and get them together is kind of cool. I’m a girl and I like nice things, so this correlates with my brand completely.”

215mag: How do you feel about performing for an event that not only supports a local drill team but also helps brand the Girls Like NiceThings event?

BC: “It made it easier to say yes. I love giving back and love doing things to help others.”

GM: “I feel honored. I have to represent for my city and I love being a part of anything to help people in need. If I can offer my talents in effort to help someone else, then I’m all for it.”

Mylah: “Anything that is supporting youth or encouraging them to do something positive, I’m always a big fan of. It’s always fun to perform, but when it benefits the youth, it’s even better.”

BK: “I’m a female artist, so I support anything that has to do with girls and encouraging dreams and supporting the arts.”

215mag: What are five nice things that you feel every woman should have?

BC: “Good hygiene, a best friend, a job, an education, and a sense of independence.”

GM: “Mascara, a good music library, music is the soundtrack of our lives, a great repertoire of shoes, a DVD of Coming to America (laughs). It’s my favorite movie. And a strong male in your life that you can give you advice on guys.”

Mylah: “Confidence, lip balm, a nice tall heel that you can walk in, a manicure and music because it can lift your mood and make you feel invincible.”

BK: “A quality set of girlfriends, confidence and self-awareness, a love for something or a passion, red lipstick, and a good pair of shades.”

215mag: Are you excited about performing?

BC: “Definitely, I am opening up the show. I am performing two original songs from my EP, coming out December 1st.”

Mylah: “I am. I am going to do a mix of things. I am performing a new song, “Flattery”, and also having fun with some music from the 90’s. I am gearing up to release a new EP at the top of the year, and recording music for an actual album that will be put out later in the year.”

BK: “I am performing new songs from my EP coming out in December 10th be doing a couple new records. I always open my shows with ‘Empire State of Mind’, because that’s what helped me get my start as an artist.”

215mag: How important is it to brand yourself as an artist today?

BC: “It’s very important. It’s what people know you for.”

GM: “I’m still in the process of branding myself, so it is very important. The songs that I’m singing tonight are songs that show who I am as an artist, so I’m establishing who GoGo Morrow is first, so you’ll know where the basis of my artistry falls.”

BK: “It’s even harder, because everything is so over saturated. It’s cool to be multi-talented, but you still have to have that one craft that you really master. Rather than be a jack of all trades, we’ve lost sight of the quality now, and really focused on the quantity of things. People are focused on how many followers you have, rather than how many songs you have out. As an artist, it’s important to find your audience and focus on your demographic.”

215mag: With Thanksgiving approaching this week, what are you most thankful for?

BC: “My family. I’ve been taking this music seriously for the last nine months, and I wouldn’t be where I am now without my family.”

GM: “My family, they are my support system. They are a huge part of why I do what I do. I am also thankful that I get to do this. I am with three other amazing artists, all here empowering each other with this girl power movement.”

Mylah: “For the opportunity to be doing something that I actually love. I am thankful to show people that you can go after a dream and get it.”

BK: “My management team keeps me afloat. They’re my nucleus. They keep me grounded, humble, and hold me together. I know anything I need in this world I can get from them. It’s not something that I take for granted.”

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