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Posh N'Play Spa Parties: A New Way to Pamper Kids

Posh N’Play Spa Parties. Remember the name! Creator and founder, Alisha Curry, designed the business to help add some fun and relaxation to children’s lives.

Read on to learn more about the purpose of her business, future goals, as well as her inspiration!

Itsawritestyle: Where did the idea for a kids spa come from? What was the brainstorming process like?

Alisha Curry: The idea of my Kid Spa Party business came during a time I was figuring out what’s next in my life. After receiving my last rejection letter of Physical Therapy schools in February 2012, I wanted to create a business that was closely related to my career field choice, while I applied for the next cycle of schools. I decided to use a modality of Physical Therapy, which is ‘massage’ and come up with a fun idea to create a business with. It took a lot of research and soul-searching to figure out what was best for me. I love children, decorating and parties so I decided to use my creativeness to create kid spa parties.

Itsawritestyle: Have you worked with kids before this experience?

AC: Surprisingly no, but this experience has led me to work with children. I volunteered at Theraplay, a children’s therapy center and absolutely loved it. I now know what my discipline will be once I complete Physical Therapy school.

Itsawritestyle: What does this company offer?

AC: Posh N’ Play Spa Parties offers 2 hours of:

-Playful Manicures

-Fabulous Facials

-Marvelous Makeup

-Temporary Tattoos

-Art Therapy


-Red Carpet Show

-Signature Cotton Candy Cider Toast

-Spa Inspired Gift Bags

Itsawritestyle: Describe the process of planning a party.

AC: I receive either a phone call or email from a parent asking for the prices of a party and if their date and time is available. A party of six girls cost $180.00, which averages to $30.00 per child with decorations included. Once I confirm their date and time, the parent makes a nonrefundable deposit of $50.00, which is a portion of the total cost of the party. I then email the parent a form to fill out with the girls’ names, ages and theme (color/character).

Itsawritestyle: Explain what happens at a spa party.

AC: I arrive at the client’s house about 40 minutes before the party and begin to set up. I introduce myself to the girls and they put on their robes and name tags. I do facials, makeup and tattoos while the girls sit in a circle discussing, ‘who is their role model’ and ‘what do they want to become when they grow up’. Then the girls complete a fun art activity while taking turns to get manicures. After manicures, we play twister and other fun games.

Finally, the girls put on a Red Carpet Fashion Show for the parents and give the birthday girl a toast with my signature cotton candy cider drink. The girls receive gift bags and the party is complete!

Itsawritestyle: How was your first party experience?

AC: My first party went well. I was very excited to have all of the girls engaged and having fun. I learned to engage in the fun with them, so when they see me having fun and dancing, they will follow me.

Itsawritestyle: What is the average size of a party? Biggest?

AC: I have changed my spa party layout to a smaller size. My largest party size is six children. Before it was 10, with my biggest party being 13 girls.

Itsawritestyle: What is the atmosphere like? Kids’ responses? Parents?

AC: The atmosphere is very fun-filled and busy. We are constantly moving around. The children love it, especially the music. They love the fashion show because they can dress up and show off their nails.The parents love to not have to be the ones to entertain them. They constantly say how cute everything is set up while taking a ton of photos.

Itsawritestyle: Do you have a team of people helping you?

AC: I initially had a team to help with my spa parties but I made my spa parties smaller so that I could conduct the parties on my own being as though I love moving around.

Itsawritestyle: Anything you do aside from running this business?

AC: Yes, I am a K-8th grade teacher in South Jersey. This experience has really helped me realize how much I love children and how much I want to help them.

Itsawritestyle: What are your goals for this? (Office space, etc)

AC: My goals is to continue to keep spa parties mobile, but in South Florida. One day I would love to create a franchise of Posh N’ Play Spa Parties.

Itsawritestyle: What keeps you going?

AC: I love seeing the smiles on the children’s faces. I know I can make a difference in a child’s life even if it is through my spa parties.

Itsawritestyle: Any upcoming parties?

AC: Yes, a 5-year-old princess spa party.

Itsawritestyle: How can people reach you?

AC: Through Facebook @ PoshNPlay Spa Parties or Email: PoshPlayKids@Gmail.Com

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