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Going Back Into Time: Senior Year of High School

Dear Underclassmen,

In this game called life, there are players, and there are spectators. During your four years of high school, this game will challenge you to use your skills to succeed and win. Do not become a spectator and let these years pass you by.

With graduation vastly approaching, the seniors will be moving on to the next phase of their lives. They have succeeded in their time at Cardinal Dougherty, and will win the game on June 2, 2009. Their trophy; a high school diploma. With that being said, I have decided to share with you valuable information on how to achieve the same trophy and how to take advantage of your time at CD.

I still remember when I was told Dougherty would be my future high school. I felt like I was being forced to go there. Little did I know that I would meet my closest friends here and create lifelong memories with them. So freshmen, even if you did not enjoy your first year here, it will get better. Just keep up with your grades, and get involved if you were not this year. The one thing that I wish I could have done was play basketball. I did not try out because I had no skill for it and did not think I was good at it. A word of advice to you: never doubt yourself. Just go for it. You never know what might happen, you might meet new friends, gain knowledge of a new sport, which you might be a natural at. Do not waste your time at high school by just sitting back and watching others.

To the sophomores, you are halfway to graduating. Your junior year will be filled with many activities like SAT’s, AP classes, prom, and receiving mail from colleges. Manage your time wisely and you will be able to enjoy these things. Continue to stay active in sports or clubs that interest you. Colleges look for dedication in these areas, along with your academic standing, so perfect your talents. In my junior year, I tried out for the volleyball and track teams and loved it. I also joined the newspaper staff, which led me to discover my career in life. So do whatever makes you content, but do not let anyone block your shot to success. If you work hard enough, you will feel accomplished in the end.

Juniors, you are now entering your last year of high school. Do not begin to slack off since you are a senior, because you will pay the consequences. Colleges keep track of your grades, especially this year. I urge you to try something different this year. Play a new sport, or join a club. In my senior year I tried out for the spring musical, which was a different experience for me. I developed stronger bonds with my friends and got to know new ones. Senior year should be a time when you and your classmates come closer together in friendship. Stay focused on your grades, and make sure your priorities are in order. This year can be stressful with the college process, teachers expecting more out of you, and your social life, but if you are determined to succeed, you will.

Before you graduate high school, make sure that you thank all of your teachers. I know that my teachers have taught me many life lessons, along with academics. Do not regret anything you did in your past years, because everything happens for a reason. You will face new challenges after high school, and you have to be ready to tackle them. Make the most out of your time here, because it goes by fast. Cherish your memories at CD, and you will be proud to be a part of the Cardinal Dougherty family.

Best of luck,

Alysia Lester 09’

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