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Strong Faith in 2015 Pt.1

Jalene Johnson is a blessed young woman. From her positive outlook on life, strong family role models and supportive friends, she gives credit to her faith for all she has been given.

The oldest of four, Johnson served as a strong role model for her siblings. The 24-year-old graduated with a degree in Media Productions from Temple University and is on the search for more job positions in her field. As the search continues, she doesn’t lose hope and constantly prays for guidance.

“I ask Him(God) to lead me in His will and allow me to gain the experience I need to advance in the media production industry while being pleasing in His sight.”

Johnson grew up learning about Christianity from her mother, as well as her grandmothers. “My mom kept us surrounded in Christianity, whether it was putting us (my siblings and I) in the choir, giving us Bible study lessons or forcing us to go to youth retreats.”

It was between the ages of 17 and 18 that Johnson started to enjoy going to church and applying Bible lessons to her life.

“It is written in His word that if we be for Him, who could dare stand against you. I know the Lord is all-powerful and knowing that I am on His side, His word reassures me of my safety towards the enemy.

She also has no fear knowing that her faith in God will be her protection. “I’m not afraid of walking the streets of certain neighborhoods that seem unsafe because I know God is with me. I use wisdom not to purposefully go in unsafe areas, but regardless of where I go, I know I’m protected by Him.”

Johnson said her faith shapes who she is, as well as how she carries herself in all aspects of life. It has also kept her out of certain situations.

“The issue of pregnancy in young women is very prevalent to our society. In God’s word, he wants us to cherish our virginity as it is something so precious. My goal is to wait until marriage, which is also in His word.”

This faith has laid the foundation of her character. Strong, focused and resilient are just a few words to describe her amazing personality.

When asked for advice for those wanting to explore religion and spirituality, Johnson said, “Try talking to a friend or someone you trust and believes in that same religion you choose. Overall, be willing to emerge yourself in the faith.”

Learn more about Jalene’s religion and career aspirations in Pt. 2, coming soon!

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