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Strong Faith in 2015 Pt.2


Q&A with Jalene Johnson

Jalene (left), with her younger sisters

Itsawritestyle: What was your earliest memory of religion that is significant to you?

Jalene Johnson: I have many, but one is of my grandmom, my younger sisters and I. When we used to spend the night at her house, she would always make us get out of the bed, get on our knees and say our prayers. She taught us “Lord I lay me…” I will never forget that.

Are you involved within your church?

Yes, I am on the multi-media ministry where I am work as a director, videographer and tech assistant.

Were there any personal experiences that reaffirmed your faith?

Yes, I was in a car accident and it could have been my time, but something told me to put my seat belt on. It was God and I know it! I normally put my seat belt on, but this time, I actually considered not wearing it. Yet, there was a voice in my mind that told me to put it on anyway. Where I could have went straight through the window glass as I sat in the passenger seat, I didn’t and I thank God for my life every day.

Do you experience any pressure to compromise your faith?

There is not really pressure, but temptation to take part in worldly sins when trying to be a righteous woman of God. There is so much evil I’m up against.

Be sure to follow Jalene at : @jalene.a

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