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On The Path to Greatness

Taisje Claiborne, a senior studying Broadcast Journalism at Temple University, reveals how her exciting internships have helped her get experience in her field, and gives advice to those wanting to do the same.

Itsawritestyle: How did you get your internship? Describe the duties you do.

Taisje Claiborne: I have experienced two internships as an undergrad at Temple. Junior year I interned at CHOP: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as a Production Intern at The Voice (an in-house studio founded by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation).

I found out about The Voice internship through the listserv Professor Maida Odom manages for the Journalism department. For the Radio One Internship, I actually researched information on my own.

Currently I am a digital media/on-air personality intern at Radio One. As a Production Intern at The Voice I was in charge of managing production of daily game shows, I suggested celebrities to visit the patients at the hospital and interview celebrity guest including, the boy band Mindless Behavior and WWE wrestlers.

As a Radio One intern I have many responsibilities. In regards to digital media, I am responsible for creating daily newsletters for 100.3 WRNB, 103.9 Praise, and Hot 107.09, writing original blog post for all three websites, and manage the Facebook and Twitter pages of the stations. As a on-air personality assistant, I help on the WRNB radio show Soulful Sunday’s with Dyana Williams and Derrick Sampson. Every Sunday I assist with the production of Soulful Sundays which includes serving as a liaison between guests and the hosts, editing calls and interviews using Vox Pro, and serving as a board-op.

Itsawritestyle: Describe the most exciting,funny, or crazy thing that happened at this internship.

TC: The most exciting day I’ve had at an internship so far is the day I interviewed Mindless Behavior. As an intern at The Voice, part of my duties were suggesting artists to come visit the patients at CHOP.

When I received word Mindless Behavior was coming in town for Scream Tour, I knew this was my opportunity to bring them in to the studio. After sending a few e-mails, Mindless Behavior confirmed their visit. It was not until the day of that MB scheduled to come to CHOP my supervisor selected me to interview the boy band. I was so nervous! Not because I’m a fan, but because I took part in the process from beginning to end to make sure they visited the studio. Interviewing Mindless Behavior has been a milestone in my career just far. I can only imagine what the future may hold.

Itsawritestyle: Career goals for the future?

TC: To be honest, I do not know what the future holds. I had dreams of working for Radio Disney, but I also would like to create a Gospel radio show geared towards the youth. Somewhere down the line I would like to create a Teen Gospel Radio Show. I honestly believe this is a niche waiting to be explored, and I would love to be a leader in establishing such a media outlet. All I need is an opportunity to show the world what I have to offer.

Itsawritestyle: Any advice for those students who were in your previous place? (Those who want an internship position in the media field).

TC: Intern. Intern. INTERN. It’s an amazing opportunity that will help you transform into a successful business person in this crazy media industry. Turning in class projects is not enough. To be honest it doesn’t compare to the experience gained when you are actually working in the field. Don’t be afraid to apply for internships if you do not have experience.

When I applied for The Voice, I did not have any experience outside the classroom and WHIP. I was insecure and really didn’t believe they would pick me but … they did. Stay persistent and eager! Keep calling! Keep emailing! Keep visiting! Show them you want this position! There is nothing like a fresh mind wanting to suck up knowledge. Most importantly believe in yourself! Tell yourself everyday your deserve this place, and that you won’t stop until you get it!

Itsawritestyle: Other than working with radio/media, what do you do for fun? How do you wind down from work and internships?

TC: Does the word fun even exist for an individual interested in media? Of course it does! I am a on-air personality on WHIP. I am a co-host on the urban hip hop show The Saga. Even though it is still media related, The Saga is my vacation away from life. When I am on the mic, I feel home. Being a member of WHIP has opened my eyes to so many things. I’ve had the opportunity to interview Charli Baltimore, Trina Braxton, ASAP Ant, Emanuel and Phillip Hudson, and local artists who are really showing why Philadelphia is known for their music influence. Aside from being on the mic, I truly escape work and internships when I attend events happening throughout the city. There is so much unrecognized TALENT in Philadelphia! Take a weekend just to explore the amazing sights Philadelphia offers!

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