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NBA Survival Guide: B-ball Lipglossary with WNBA's Tina Charles

Vixens, are looking to know everything about this basketball season? Well, have no fear because WNBA player Tina Charles of Connecticut Sun gives us her top ten basketball terms and tips you should know. So study up and get ready to impress your friends—and that special someone—on your newfound skills! — Alysia Lester

1. Travel

“You take more than two steps without dribbling the ball. If you pass the ball and just run with it, that is a travel.”

2. Layup

“When a player makes a shot near the basket. They are in transition, dribbling to the basket to score.”

3. Turnover

There are different ways to have a turnover. “You have the ball and it goes out-of-bounds, the four lines on the court, or if someone steals the ball. Also, throwing the ball to another player that is not on your team.”

4. Carry

“If the point guard or any other player has the ball, and dribbling up the court, and if the ball comes above the shoulder while in the process of running, it is a carry.”

5. Double Dribble

“Player dribbles the ball, stops and has it in both hands and begins to dribble it again, that’s a double dribble.”

6. Three Second Call

“If the offensive team has the ball and stand in the painted area of court for more than three seconds, that’s a violation and it is also a turnover.

7. Defensive Three Second Call

This happens when “the team that’s on defense is in the painted area for three seconds and there is a technical foul on them”

8. Three-point Play

“When a player gets fouled while trying to shoot, and they get another chance to score.”

9. Backcourt Violation

This is a violation when a player “takes the ball and dribbles back in front of the half court line”

10. Have Fun And Enjoy The Game

For spectators to get into the sport, “having a favorite player” helps, as well as feeding off of the players energy levels during the game.”

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