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Picture of woman/little boy

She kissed him goodbye. No words said, no gift was given to remember her by. Just a kiss.

He was five then, but knew what was going on. She was leaving him. The woman who brought him into the world was now leaving him, for what he thought would be forever.

As he was left standing on the sidewalk, tightly clasping his aunt’s hand, he could not understand why she could do this.

The little boy is now a young man with a steady job and a healthy family. He is walking down a crowded street when he notices an older woman just standing in the middle of the sidewalk staring at him.

As he walks closer, he realizes that the woman slightly resembles his mother, the woman who left him years ago. He also realizes that she is standing in the same spot where she kissed him goodbye.

He approaches her. Their eyes lock, and she embraces him, softly crying into his chest. He is taller than she is now, and he has searching for the right words to say. She spoke first saying, “I never meant to leave you,” between gasps of breath. “Please let me explain.”

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