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Woman on Steps

It was not the end of the world, but it was end of her world. She had the opportunity of a lifetime, one that anyone would dream of. But, it was over, all of her dreams washed away because she spoke her mind.

She simply asked to be promoted at her job. She did not threaten anyone, or act out of character. But was denied, because she was a woman.

Now, sitting on her front steps reminiscing on what happened, she realizes she is not at fault. What could she do? Take action? File a lawsuit?

She knew she could not win. Working in a business is a male dominated territory; or so society says. But she would not let that stop her from trying. She was only asking for the position of Vice President, not in charge of everything, because that would be asking for too much, especially as a woman.

So, she left her job by choice, after her request was denied, and vowed to never let anything or anyone stand in her way.

While on those steps, she created a plan of action.

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